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Eijffinger Wallpaper

Eijffinger Wallpaper

Eijffinger Wallpaper and Wallcoverings is fast becoming one of the most up to date innovative array of beautiful designer wallpapers that lead the market in inspiring contemporary home interiors. At the forefront in technology Eijffinger have pushed the boundaries on their Wallpapers with the use of holographic, screen print, reflective foils and many more break through printing techniques. Eijffinger wallpapers continue to offer innovative modern wallpapers as well as soft romantic wallcoverings and contemporary classic wallpapers with a modern twist. Their rich palette is an abundance of midnight blues, cool antique whites, ultra matt black, precious metal tones and rich jewelled vibrant hues.

We house all of Eijffinger collections in our Cheshire showroom if there is anything you can't find please contact us on 0161 925 9888.

Eijffinger Wallpaper Ranges

Pip III Wallpaper
Pip III Wallpaper Pip III wallpaper by Eijffinger is an exciting range of brightly coloured designs with a very distinct nostalgic yet contemporary styling. Taking inspiration from treasured possessions with a romantic floral or ornate damask theme, the designs create an eye catching burst of colour that would instantly brighten your interior.
Carte Blanche Wallpaper
Carte Blanche Wallpaper Carte Blanche is a cool sophisticated collection of designer wallpapers of soft suede and flock effect designs. Typography in striking black and white with a soft matt suede, lace effect open trellis and embroidered decorative patterns adorn this collection. Beautiful teamed with silk and velvet fabrics to create a real luxurious haven in your interior.
Venue Wallpaper
Venue Wallpaper Venue wallpaper by Eijffinger and distributed in the UK by Brian Yates features a range of high end designer wallcoverings that offer luxury and decadence with stylish contemporary design. With the main focus on highly reflective metallic foil holographic wallpaper the designs feature intricate damasks, geometric holographics, stripes and a soft marble texture.
Charm Wallpaper
Charm Wallpaper Charm invokes the imaginations with delicate antiquated damasks, intricate lace inspired medallions, stylized floral silhouettes and elegant coordinating stripes and textures. Printed onto a heavy weight non woven substrate paste the wall wallcovering for ease of hanging.
Chic Wallpaper
Chic Wallpaper As the name suggests this "Chic" collection of designer wallpapers featuring a softer highly reflective collection of foil and holographic wallcoverings with a tonal colouring of pink, white, silver and warm naturals. The designs include large ornate allover damasks, abstract geometrics and metallic foil plains. Ideal in both classic and contemporary settings for an eye catching feature wall design.
Clover Wallpaper
Clover Wallpaper Clover recreates the charm and tranquility of Japanese textile design and peaceful gardens into a collection of modern stylized designer wallpapers. Clusters of tiny floral silhouettes, abstract geometrics and soft natural textures are enhanced with a cool contemporary palette of chalk, mother of pearl, grey and soft pink with delicate touches of iridescent metallics and subtle micas.
Club Wallpaper
Club Wallpaper Club creates a mind blowing optical extravagance of fantastic holographic wallpapers that literally jump out off the wall. Glamourous as well as ultra contemporary the designs consist of metallic foiled damasks, decorative stripes, 3D geometrics and silhouette leaves. Printed on a heavy weight paste the wall non woven substrate for ease of hanging.
Flamenco Wallpaper
Flamenco Wallpaper Flamenco is as the name suggest a bright vibrant modern designer wallpaper collection with inspiration taken from Moroccan and Spanish styling. Large ornate trailing florals, interlocking abstract damasks and intricate ceramic tiling. Printed onto a heavy weight non woven paste the wall substrate for ease of hanging and available in a broad range bright fresh colours.
Luz Wallpaper
Luz Wallpaper Eijffinger present this fabulously lush highly contemporary collection of designer wallpapers that uses innovative techniques of printing such as holographic, suede, flock and tiny glass crystal beads to create no just wallpaper but works of art that entice your senses. For a truly unique interior these stunning wallcoverings are a must have.
Stripes Only Wallpaper
Stripes Only Wallpaper Stripes Only is the ultimate compendium of designer wallpaper in stripes. Featuring varying sizes, techniques, colours and styling from wide width wallpaper to feature wall wall murals, from classic to ultra modern. These striking wallpaper designs are printed onto a heavy weight paste the wall non woven substrate for ease of hanging,
Un Bisou Wallpaper
Un Bisou Wallpaper Un Bisou creates a range of soft romantic floral wallpapers featuring large colourful blooms, bountiful trails and nostalgic artistic postcards. These fabulous wallpapers offer a vibrant hit of colour to your interiors and are printed on a paste the wall substrate for ease of hanging.
Pip Wallpaper
Pip Wallpaper A stylishly unique designer wallpaper collection from the studios of Pip. Featuring delicate florals, flowing summer trails and beautifully detailed birds. Coloured in rich vibrant hues this elaborate collection of wallcoverings is also available to coordinate with bedding, cushions and ceramic ware.
Bindi Wallpaper
Bindi Wallpaper Bindi comprises of a bright explosion of color and ornate design inspired by the rich tradition of art in India. This stunning collection of designer wallpapers consists of large decorative paisleys, opulent florals and intricate ornate patterning. Coloured in a vividly rich palette and enhanced with flock, mica's and metallics.
Suzani Wallpaper
Suzani Wallpaper A abstract contemporary collection of wallpapers by Eijffinger, Suzani takes the inspiration from craft needlework techniques from Central Asia creating a range of eye catching feature wall designs. The patterns include large embroidered emblems, ornate florals and folkloristic abstract geometrics. Printed on a heavy weight paste the wall substrate for ease of hanging in a broad range of colours.
Zircon Wallpaper
Zircon Wallpaper An intricate modern styling of designer wallpapers with inspiration taken for antique lace, interlocking damask medallions and stylized abstract florals. Printed onto a heavy weight paste the wall non woven substrate for ease of hanging with a fabulous rich uncoated surface enhanced with modern printing techniques.
Gracia Wallpaper
Gracia Wallpaper Gracia features an opulently rich ornate wallpaper collection of decorative silhouettes highlighted with intricate tiny glass beads, vibrant metallics and soft luxurious velvet flocks. These ultra modern wallcoverings are available as a paste the wall non woven product for ease of hanging.
Grand Gala Wallpaper
Grand Gala Wallpaper A fabulous wallpaper collection, Grand Gala features large grandiose opulent damasks in vivid bright colours of purple, pink, black and striking coordinates such as ornate stripes and oversized medallions. Printed with shimmering metallics on a paste the wall non woven substrate for ease of hanging.
Nuance Wallpaper
Nuance Wallpaper Nuance is an innovative collection of designer wallpapers which combines the graphic quality of abstract patterning with hints of inspiration from natural animal prints and textures such as zebra, lava drops and paneling. A very modern array of wallcoverings that is further enhance with reflective foils and glistening metallcis.